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Teka TR3400 Waste Disposer

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Food waste disposal units are a clean, hygienic and efficient way to deal with meal leftovers and scraps. Kitchen cleanliness is the major benefit from installation of the Teka TR 3400 waste disposer. No longer do you need to fill your kitchen rubbish bin with unwanted odor and bacteria forming waste. Simply scrape your dishes into the sink and let the stainless steel automatic reverse grinder, quickly and quietly grind the food scraps allowing the particles to simply wash away down the drain. Controlled via a push button pneumatic air switch, the TR 3400 waste disposal unit simply connects to the underside of your sink and is an out of sight, out of mind device that delivers ease and convenience in the preparation and clean up of meals. Also environmentally friendly, the TR 3400 is removing waste products that would normally end up in traditional landfill sites, whilst reducing the workload on your dishwasher. 


  • Create a hygienic kitchen environment
  • Quick and easy way to clean up food waste
  • Reduce odors instead of leaving food waste overnight in your kitchen
  • Reduce the risk of insect and rodent problem
  • Reduce landfill dumps and help lessen the pressure on landfill sites

*Please check stock availability with us before placing order


  • Additional cutter is located beneath the gring ring,on top and at the bottom of the turntable. These under cutter help to cut fibrous waste into small particles which helps in the flow.
  • ¾(0.75)HP – 560W
  • 220-240v/50Hz
  • Black paint
  • Air switchon/off system
  • Double cutters(top & bottom)
  • Anticorrosion protection
  • Silent block
  • Automatic rotation reverser
  • Metallic L-shape clamp
  • Air activated switch button increases safety around the sink.

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